7 Reasons Why You Should Speak to Bruindam
For Your Next Remote Camp Construction Project

At Bruindam, we thrive on challenges and understand the many complexities of the construction and mining industry.  We understand project schedules, LTIs and even more importantly safety, which is why we are confident that we give an unprecedented level of service.

At Bruindam, we provide a total turnkey solution for remote camp construction, covering the 7 areas below and much more.

1. Buildings

Bruindam manufactures its own buildings in Europe.  The modular format of the buildings means that they can be easily linked together giving greater flexibility for demobilization and relocation time and time again.

Standard designs are available or we can customise to suit our clients’ needs.

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2. Civil

As part of our turnkey solutions, Bruindam undertakes the design and construct of all earthworks including road works and car parks.

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3. Cyclone Footings

At Bruindam, we have the equipment to drill the cyclone footings to a depth of two meters.

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4. Install

Whether we use a crane or a forklift, Bruindam has a competent team of installers to safely install all types of transportable buildings.

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5. Concrete Work

Bruindam has a highly skilled concrete team to produce a quality product.

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6. Sewerage Treatment Plants

Bruindam is up to date when it comes to the treatment of waste, using the latest technology.

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7. Potable Water

At Bruindam, we are able to give you the complete package on all your systems including water analyses and design for any treatment using the latest technology.

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