Transportables and Mining Camps

Remedial Works – Building and Camp Relocation

Bruindam offers full remedial works, maintenance of mine sites, removal of mining camps which is inclusive of relocation and re-installation if required.

Bruindam prides itself on having the ability to service the many trades required to upkeep and renovate various mine site camps, which is why we have a very diversified, and multi skilled team that has the capabilities and qualifications to offer such a comprehensive service.

Fly Camps

Bruindam understands the difficulties associated with the installation of Fly Camps in remote locations often Greenfield sites with limited or zero services. That is why at Bruindam we are completely self sufficient, capable of undertaking jobs of such an arduous nature. Bruindam as a company is fully aware of the challenges of building Fly Camps which is why we offer full design, installation and commissioning.

At Bruindam we believe that when we undertake a project we have all the necessary resources, personnel and quality controls in order to deliver a quality service that adheres to project requirements.